INDECOM has two major dates that it can use to celebrate; either the opening of our first office, or the date of enactment and signing of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Act. In the past, our recognition of INDECOM has focused on the former. However, in 2018 and going forward our celebration of INDECOM Week will commence in April.

Over the years, INDECOM Week has been an annual event which commemorates the anniversary of INDECOM’s inception and opening of the head office in St. Andrew. It began in 2012 and has been a week of activities celebrated the week of August 16.

This has been our major public-education campaign with community-based all-island tour activations, that allow members of the public to engage with INDECOM staff across the company’s organizational structure.

The public has the opportunity to ask questions, while we discuss challenges, misconceptions, successes, roles and functions of the Commission. There has been booth displays and presentations to give persons an insight into how the Commission operates, as raising awareness has always been a big focus.

Key features of INDECOM Week include: church service, commissioner’s forum, and community tour to hand out flyers and other paraphernalia.

With the new change of date, there will also be changes to the format with the inclusion of additional features and stakeholders. More to come!

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