June 15, 2021 – Further to press statement published on June 14, 2021, concerning the fatal road traffic collision and discharge of police firearms, INDECOM provides additional information on the status of its investigation.

Nine persons (six males and three females) have been identified as being present in a Nissan AD wagon travelling along Lionel Town Main Road, which was involved in a serious collision. Three young men have died from injuries sustained in this incident. The specific causes, sources and nature of the injuries sustained by the deceased and the survivors have not yet been established. The Commission awaits the official medical reports to confirm that information.

In the initial accounts provided to INDECOM Investigators, by police officers, at least three of the officers involved in this incident have stated that they fired in the direction of the Nissan AD wagon after it crashed. During the preliminary examination of the Nissan AD wagon a single projectile strike mark was identified at the left door frame. No firearm was reported as recovered from the scene.

INDECOM’s investigation aims to:

  • Identify all officers involved in the incident
  • Establish the actions taken by all police officers involved, from the first sighting of the Nissan AD wagon to the collision site
  • Assess all actions of the police officers, upon their arrival at the collision site
  • Establish the cause of death of the three deceased men, which will be determined after a postmortem examination
  • Determine the specific causes for all injuries sustained by all six surviving persons

An examination by INDECOM’s Forensic Unit was conducted on two of the injured young men and exhibits were photographed and collected. These exhibits include swabs for gunshot residue.

The incident scene was revisited on June 14, 2021, by INDECOM Forensic Examiners and Investigators, and additional ballistic exhibits were collected. All exhibits will be subject to examination by the Government Laboratory.

INDECOM reassures the public that a thorough investigation is being conducted, and this involves an assessment of all accounts provided, from the occupants of the vehicle, from the officers involved in the incident, and also from witnesses. No single account of any source should be deemed as confirmed by the Commission, at this early stage of the enquiry.

The enquiry is complex and the tragic loss of lives and serious injuries, have understandably stirred public emotion. INDECOM will continue to ensure that accurate information is provided to all concerned, especially to the families, utilising our Family Liaison Officers.

Independent witnesses are an important element of this investigation and persons with any information regarding this incident are being asked to contact INDECOM at 876-968-1932, 876-968-8875, incident tip line: 888-991-5555 or via whatsapp at 876-553-5555.