October 8, 2020 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) provides an update in respect of the fatal shooting of Susan Bogle on May 27, 2020.

Whilst the Commission’s Report has not been finalized, the following can be stated:


  • The incident scene was visited on more than three occasions by INDECOM personnel.
  • As a part of the investigation, the scene was video recorded, forensic material was recovered and crime scene analysis conducted.


  • All concerned officers have provided a witness statement and were interviewed as witnesses, by INDECOM.
  • Concerned officers revisited the scene with INDECOM Investigators to assist in explaining their location at the time of the incident.
  • Fourteen (14) weapons were submitted to the Government Laboratory for examination and testing.
  • The Post Mortem Examination was conducted on June 12, 2020 in the presence of the family’s Independent Observer.
  • Enquiries within the community were conducted to identify possible witnesses.


  • At this time, two JDF officers acknowledged firing their weapons. No JCF officer reports firing their weapon.
  • To date, no person has been identified as an eyewitness to the fatal wounding of Miss Bogle.
  • The Post Mortem Examination has been completed and the report was received on October 5, 2020. Miss Bogle suffered a single perforating gunshot wound to her chest. This was the cause of her death. There was a further superficial perforating gunshot wound to her right mid back. A tiny metal fragment was retrieved.
  • Ballistic analysis was conducted on all spent casings recovered at the scene. Of the recovered spent casings, nine (9) were 5.56mm and three (3) were 9mm. Five (5.56mm) casings have been linked to one JDF weapon. The current analysis shows that four (5.56mm) and the three (9mm) casings do not match any of the weapons belonging to the Security Forces. Therefore, they belonged to weapons that were not submitted to the Government Laboratory for testing.
  • There was no weapon reported as recovered from the scene.
  • The Security Forces (JCF & JDF) reported that they were fired upon by at least four to five armed men with rifles and handguns.
  • The Commission’s Report will be finalized upon the receipt of all technical reports and submitted to all relevant parties.