August 10, 2021 – On August 3, the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) commenced enquiries into an allegation and complaint of abuse of rights, raised by a female teenager, while in police custody at the Four Paths Police Station in Clarendon.

The Commission is aware of the heightened public interest in this particular incident, and is providing a preliminary update on the investigative actions which have been completed.

  1. INDECOM has interviewed and received written statements from the complainant and the mother of the complainant.
  2. INDECOM initiated and arranged with Victim Services to provide counselling to the complainant and her family.
  3. Inmates at the Four Paths Police Station were interviewed by INDECOM Investigators and statements were recorded.
  4. Written statements were provided to INDECOM by the officers who were on-duty at the Four Paths Police Station, to include the sub-officer in charge as well as the police officer specifically implicated in this incident.
  5. The cell, occupied by the complainant while in police custody, was processed and exhibits were recovered. The complainant was the only occupant of the cell.
  6. Interviews were conducted and statements were collected from civilians, reportedly with knowledge of the incident.

The Commission will review all the evidence collected; thereafter, the concerned officers will be served Section 21 Notices, pursuant to the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, to attend the offices of the Commission to be interviewed.

Upon the completion of the investigation, the findings and recommendations will be made available to the appropriate authorities.