May 12, 2021 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) commenced its independent enquiry into the fatal police shooting incident of two men, which occurred on Monday, May 10, 2021, at Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10 and continue to do so.

There has been some speculation, confusion and inaccuracy in the initial reports broadcasted, which require clarity.

The police reported that upon receipt of information concerning a fatal shooting incident, in the Swallowfield community, details of a vehicle believed to have gunmen were transmitted. The vehicle was spotted and intercepted, along Trafalgar Road, where three officers initially confronted the occupants. During that encounter gunshots were fired.  The details of the circumstances of the discharge of weapons are under examination.

Multiple video recordings from social media, private locations and Jamaica Eye, will be examined by INDECOM, to ascertain the chronology of the events. The Commission awaits access to view some of the material.

INDECOM can confirm that two men were shot and killed arising from the police intervention.  These men are reported as still being unidentified.  A third man escaped from the scene.

INDECOM can report that one of the three men from the suspect vehicle ran into a nearby apartment complex, Abbey Court.  That man, dressed in blue jeans and a dark camouflage t-shirt, was handcuffed within the grounds of the complex.  He was then placed in the rear section of a police vehicle, which then drove away from the scene.

That same arrested man was subsequently observed on social media recordings lying on Trafalgar Road.  The arrested man is one of the two deceased. A post mortem examination will determine the nature and cause of death of both men, which includes the driver of the suspect vehicle.

The scene examination reveals that at least four motor vehicles were struck with bullets.  In addition to the suspect vehicle, these included a police car and two civilian vehicles.  One civilian vehicle was struck once to the rear windshield, the other at least five times to the rear.  The police vehicle received at least five bullet strikes to the front.  The suspect vehicle received at least 42 bullet strikes.

Two firearms were reported as being recovered from within the suspect vehicle.  Over 70 9mm casings were recovered from the scene.

The concerned officers have provided an initial account and will be interviewed in the coming days.

INDECOM’s enquiry will include:

  • A review of the Jamaica Eye footage as well as other CCTV evidence available to understand the series of events which resulted in death and damage to the property;
  • To determine the number of persons who were travelling in the suspect vehicle and their chain of custody; and
  • To seek any witness to either the initial police encounter or the subsequent arrest of a man in Abbey Court.

Anybody who has witnessed or has any information regarding this incident are being asked to contact INDECOM at 876-968-1932, 876-968-8875 or via whatsapp at 876-553-5555.