April 30, 2019 – INDECOM offers clarity and an update into the shooting incidents in Spanish Town on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

Three people were shot and killed:

  • Sheldon Daley
  • Kevron Burrell
  • Corporal Rohan Williams

Neither Mr. Daley nor Mr. Burrell were in possession of a firearm.

An off duty police officer witnessed one part of the shooting of Mr. Daley, challenged an armed man, and then gave chase to a white Nissan AD Wagon in which he and other men fled the scene. During the subsequent chase it is reported that gunshots were fired from both the white Nissan vehicle and the off duty chasing officer. A serious traffic accident occurred in which the white Nissan vehicle collided with a silver Nissan AD Wagon at the junction of Brunswick Avenue and Jobs Lane. Following the crash, further shots were discharged by police officers; the full facts of which are still being investigated.

At the crash scene, it was discovered that both Cpl. Rohan Williams who was in the white Nissan AD wagon and Mr. Kevron Burrell who was in the silver AD wagon had suffered gunshot injuries. Both subsequently died from those wounds. Three other civilians who were in the silver Nissan AD Wagon were seriously injured.

It has been ascertained that the three men in the white Nissan AD Wagon were all off duty police officers attached to the JCF Mobile Reserve. The two surviving officers were detained.

One of the officers, Cpl. Kirk Frazer, absconded whilst in detention and is being actively sought by the JCF in this matter. The second officer is currently in police custody. It is confirmed that the white Nissan AD wagon is a police service vehicle allocated to the Mobile Reserve. Amongst other items, the car contained the following:

  • two sets of registration plates, a third set was attached to the front and rear of the car;
  • police vehicle log book for one set of the plates found inside the car;
  • a detachable police blue emergency light; and
  • five firearms, of which three have been identified as police service glock weapons.

INDECOM confirms that the two surviving police officers from the white Nissan AD Wagon, were on bail to the Circuit Court on two different murder charges.

INDECOM is conducting a number of parallel investigations. In addition to discovering precisely how these three men lost their lives and who was responsible, it is enquiring:

  • The status of the charged officers and why they were not suspended from full police duty – a report has already been requested from the Commissioner of Police to address this matter;
  • To establish how these officers were able to secure a police service vehicle, police guns and ammunition to embark on this incident;
  • To determine how Cpl. Kirk Frazer was able to escape from custody having been detained at the scene; and
  • To establish the ownership and provenance of all the firearms recovered in the white Nissan AD wagon.

The enquiry is complex and has the full cooperation of the JCF’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, BSI and MID.

Anybody who has witnessed or has any information regarding this incident are being asked to contact INDECOM at 876-968-1932, 876-968-8875, incident tip line: 888-991-5555 or via whatsapp at 876-553-5555.