January 2, 2019 – The Prosecution, this afternoon, offered no further evidence against the defendants in the trial for the murder of Andrew Bisson, after Chief Justice Sykes ruled that the statements of a key witness would not be tendered into evidence. Although the Prosecution’s case included forensic evidence, the prosecuting team did not think that the case was fit to go to the jury unless the evidence of the key witness was adduced.

The witness was important in this case, as he was present at the shooting of Mr. Bisson. The witness had attested to a Justice of the Peace prior to the Committal Proceedings, as to the veracity of his statements. Prior to the commencement of this trial, both the key witness and the Justice of the Peace, died.

The Prosecution called as witnesses, the wife of the Justice of the Peace, personnel from governmental organizations and a handwriting expert. The wife recognized and confirmed the signature on the attestation to the statements as that of her husband. Government personnel confirmed the witness’ signature on documents. A Jamaican-born, internationally certified hand-writing expert confirmed that the same witness had signed all statements and documents. However, this was disputed by a Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) handwriting expert.

Following the prosecution’s submission, the trial Judge directed the jury to return verdicts of not guilty against the defendants.