December 30, 2020 – Pursuant to section 13 of the Independent Commission of Investigations (ICI) Act, INDECOM commenced preliminary enquiries into the scope and extent of concerns raised at the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, as reported in the media. Section 13 of the ICI Act empowers the Commission to commence an investigation on its own initiative.

The Commission will investigate whether any abuse, assault occasioning bodily harm or wounding took place, and the nature and extent of the meal protest.

On December 29, 2020, INDECOM personnel visited the correctional facility, conducted preliminary enquiries and, in accordance with S. 4.(1)(b)(i) of the ICI Act, requested and received access to records.

INDECOM Investigators returned to the facility today (December 30) to pursue the lines of enquiries and to take statements.

Initial enquiries reveal that some inmates had commenced a meal protest pursuant to their objection to a recent operation within the Correctional Centre.

INDECOM will continue its investigation.