June 17, 2024 – A team from the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), led by Director of Complaints for the Central Region, Dave Lewin, conducted a scene revisit and community engagement as a result of a shooting incident in Williamsfield, Manchester on June 16, 2024.

The shooting incident resulted in the death of a 14-year-old high school student, Mikhail Simpson, and the injury of his brother.

INDECOM has been advised of the high emotions resulting from this incident, and the team will be providing guidance on the investigative process, with a view of allaying any concerns that citizens may have.

The police have reported that officers on duty engaged a vehicle which disobeyed orders to stop. One officer reportedly fired several rounds in the direction of the fleeing vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle received injuries to his face, while the passenger in the vehicle, succumbed to injuries sustained. No firearm was reported as recovered from the incident scene.

INDECOM Investigators were advised that no body worn cameras were issued or used during this incident. The concerned officers will be required to provide statements to INDECOM as well as attend the office of the Commission, to be interviewed in relation to the incident. No initial report was provided by either of the two concerned officers.

INDECOM’s Forensic personnel examined, processed and packaged the evidential material recovered from the incident scene. Gunshot residue swabs were taken for DNA testing and the body of the deceased was photographed and sealed, pending post mortem examination.

INDECOM reminds the public, of the importance of independent information in the investigative process, and where photos, videos, or information is available in incidents involving members of the Security Forces, it should be made available and shared with INDECOM. This information should be shared via INDECOM’s new WhatsApp number (876)553-0000 or persons may contact the office of the Commission at 876-968-1932 or 876-968-8875.

Year to date, sixty-six (66) persons have been shot and killed by the Security Forces, of which eleven (11) occurred in June.