March 28, 2024 – Investigative Teams from the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and are investigating the circumstances which resulted in the fatal shooting of four persons in four separate incidents between March 26 and 28, 2024. The victims of these four incidents are a woman and three men, and occurred in the parishes of Kingston, St. Thomas, Manchester and St. Catherine.

These latest incidents increase the total number of fatal shootings for the month of March to 12, and 34 year to date.

INDECOM was not informed of a body worn camera being issued, assigned or used, in any of the incidents, of which one was a planned operation.

The incident scenes are the subject of examination by INDECOM’s Forensic personnel and the evidential material recovered, are processed and packaged.

INDECOM is appealing to any person who witnessed any of the four fatal shooting incidents, to contact the office of the Commission at 876-968-1932. INDECOM reminds members of the public, that information gathering is a critical aspect of an investigative process, and where photos, videos, or information is available in incidents involving members of the Security Forces, same should be made available and shared with INDECOM. This information should be shared via INDECOM’s new whatsapp number (876)553-0000.

Fatal Shooting of Terryesha Maragh

On March 26, the police reported that an off-duty police officer, observed and intervened in a robbery of a female pedestrian which occurred along Lexington Road, Kingston 3.  During that police intervention, the officer fired his weapon at the escaping robbers. Another woman, thirty-four year old, Terryesha Maragh, a passenger in a vehicle travelling along Lexington Road, received a gunshot injury and was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. INDECOM’s investigation continues to determine how this woman was killed.

The alleged robber(s) escaped the incident scene. No firearm was reported as recovered.

The vehicle in which the deceased was a passenger was also processed and bullet damage was observed.

The concerned officer provided an initial account to the INDECOM team and was served with a Section 21 notice to provide a statement and attend the office of the Commission to be interviewed in relation to the incident.

Fatal Shooting of Lenford Barrett in Heartease District, Yallahs, St. Thomas

On March 27, INDECOM was advised of a fatal shooting incident on Bassant Lane in Yallahs, St. Thomas. The Eastern Region team responded to that incident where investigative enquiries were conducted.

The police reported that they were engaged in a planned operation in search of a wanted man known by aliases. They entered a dwelling and a man was seen with a knife. The officers fired at the man, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The bladed weapon was recovered from the incident scene.

Fatal Shooting of Mr. Clarke on the compound of Winston Jones High School, Manchester

On March 27, INDECOM was advised of this fatal shooting incident and a team from the Central Regional Office was dispatched.

Initial reports indicate that the now deceased was driving the car in a dangerous manner within the school grounds, which resulted in the injury of persons and damage to other property. A police officer who was present, had unsuccessful attempts to halt the driver of the vehicle. It is alleged that the driver thereafter continued to drive at a high speed, in the direction of the officer, who subsequently fired at the vehicle and the man crashed. The 24 year old, Mr. Clarke was pronounced dead at Mandeville Regional Hospital.

No firearm was recovered from this incident scene.

Fatal Shooting in Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine

This incident occurred today, March 28, 2024, and Investigators assigned to the Southern Regional Team are currently dispatched to coordinate investigative enquiries.

Additional details will be provided once available.