September 16, 2022 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) reminds all public officials to be guided by the Constitution of Jamaica in their statements and actions.

INDECOM asserts that all citizens are subject to the same laws of Jamaica.  In any confrontation, the law gives primacy to the right to life, which is an inalienable constitutional right.  These rights are bolstered by legislation and policies, which identify the circumstances for use of force and provide direction on application and enforcement.  One such critical aspect is that access to medical attention should be afforded to all persons in keeping with the State’s obligation to safeguard life.  Injury or surrender are also possible outcomes when law enforcement officials are engaged in solving and tackling crime.

INDECOM emphasizes that a “shoot to kill” policy should not be the State’s response to crime reduction.  Since the inception of INDECOM, strides have been made in reducing the annual fatal shootings by law enforcement bodies to under 200, with 2019 recording below 100 persons shot and killed. These noticeable changes are recognized and should be attributed to robust internal and external accountability mechanisms, increased training and provision of equipment, intelligence-driven operations and a change in approach and outlook. Law enforcement officials should not be provided with the assertion or insinuation that there is any provision to act with impunity.

INDECOM will continue to investigate all incidents, pursuant to the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, 2010, impartially, objectively and independently.