October 6, 2023 – On October 5, three teams from The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and commenced investigations into three separate police shooting incidents resulting in the death of three men. The deceased men have been identified as 27 year old Ricardo Pinnock, 24 year old Courtney Thompson and 39 year old Inegus Hyman. All incidents occurred on October 5, in the communities of Burnside Valley, Red Hills in St. Andrew and Grateful Hill District and along Old Harbour Road, both in St. Catherine, respectively.

Three firearms were reported as recovered, one from each incident scene, of which one was a licensed firearm belonging to one of the deceased men.

INDECOM is appealing and encouraging persons with information on these three fatal shooting incidents to contact the Commission. Information, photos and videos can be sent to INDECOM’s official WhatsApp at (876)553-5555. The original makers of video footage are especially encouraged to contact the Commission to assist with the investigative enquiries.

INDECOM’s investigations involved the processing of all incident scenes, processing of the firearms of all involved officers and the three recovered firearms. The bodies of the deceased were all photographed and their hands were swabbed for gunshot residue.

No body worn cameras were reported as being issued to the officers in any of these fatal shooting incidents.

All concerned officers provided an initial account to INDECOM Investigators. The concerned officers were subsequently issued with Notices to provide a statement and or  attend the office of the Commission to be interviewed pursuant to Section 21 of the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, 2010. A planned operation interview will also be conducted in relation to the fatal shooting of Ricardo Pinnock.

As at October 5, 114 persons were killed by the Security Forces for this year.