July 27, 2022 – Teams from the Central Regional Office of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), responded to and began investigations into three separate fatal shooting incidents by the police. Arising from these incidents, three men were killed and two firearms and one machete were recovered. The incidents occurred in the parishes of Manchester, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth, over the period July 25- 26, 2022.

The processing of two of the three scenes have been completed, and the third is in progress in New Market, St. Elizabeth.

INDECOM alongside the JCF TSD processed the incident scenes in Manchester and Clarendon and collected forensic exhibits to include the recovered firearms as well as the weapons of the concerned officers. All weapons were processed, sealed and packaged for forensic testing. The hands of the deceased men were also swabbed for testing. The concerned officers provided initial accounts of the incidents to the Investigative Teams and the officers will be required to provide statements and attend the office of the Commission to be interviewed.

These investigations by INDECOM are still at the earliest stages of the enquiry and aim to uncover the facts of the incidents. The Commission continues to encourage persons to share any information regarding these incidents by contacting the Commission’s Head Office at (876)968-8875 or citizens can send information, photos or videos to INDECOM’s official whatsapp line at (876)553-5555.

May Day, Manchester

The police have reported that on July 25, 2022, teams were dispatched to respond to an alleged case of kidnapping of a woman and the vehicle being driven by her. During the pursuit of the vehicle via a tracker along Marshall Crescent in May Day, Manchester, it is reported that the police officers came under gunfire, and in response discharged their weapons at the men.  The deceased and the woman were transported to the hospital, where the man was pronounced dead and the kidnapped woman treated. The deceased is believed to be 27 year old, Jermaine Robinson. A Browning pistol with no visible serial number was reported as retrieved from the deceased.

Rock River, Clarendon

The police have reported that on July 26, a team was dispatched with a search warrant to a dwelling in the Rock River area in search of a person with an illegal firearm. It is further reported that upon entering the dwelling, a man pointed a firearm in the direction of the police, who then fired at the man. The man who was pronounced dead at the May Pen Hospital, is believed to be 44 year old, Ricardo Bailey, who is known to the police for previous offences. A 9mm Glock pistol was reported as recovered.

New Market, St. Elizabeth

The processing of this scene is ongoing. Initial information as reported by the police is that a wanted man, Tommy Thompson, attacked the police with a machete on July 26, and the police fired in his direction.

More information will be provided on this incident when available.