June 1, 2023 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and commenced investigations into a police fatal shooting incident resulting in the death of 25 year old, Eric Morgan. The incident occurred on May 30, 2023 along Olympic Way, Kingston 11 and involves a police officer who was off-duty at the time of the incident.

INDECOM’s investigation involved the processing of the incident scene, processing of the police officer’s keep and care firearm, witness canvassing and initial interviews. The concerned officer was issued a Notice to provide a statement and attend the office of the Commission to be interviewed pursuant to Section 21 of the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, 2010. The body of the deceased was also photographed, and his hands were swabbed for gunshot residue testing.

No weapon was reported as recovered from the deceased.

INDECOM’s enquiries will seek to establish whether the use of force used by the off-duty police officer was proportionate and to ascertain the full circumstances under which the officer discharged his firearm in this incident. INDECOM urges all persons who witnessed this fatal shooting incident or any other shooting incident to assist in the investigative process, by contacting the Commission’s Office with known information or by sending any photos and videos to INDECOM’s official WhatsApp at (876)553-5555.

A total of forty-eight (48) persons have been shot and killed in 2023 in incidents involving members of the Security Forces, of which there were twelve (12) such incidents in May 2023.