June 30, 2022 – Pursuant to Section 13 of the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, 2010, Commissioner of INDECOM, Hugh Faulkner, instructed the commencement of an investigation into a case of alleged assault in police custody. This investigation was in relation to comments purportedly made by Rushane Barnett, to His Lordship the Honourable Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey, during the accused man’s first appearance in the Home Circuit Court on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, as published by local media.

On Wednesday, June 29, INDECOM Investigators visited the Police Lock-up, where the complainant, Rushane Barnett, was preliminarily interviewed in relation to his allegations as reportedly expressed during the court proceedings. The Commission sought medical intervention for the complainant, through the submission of an INDECOM Medical Request Visitation Form. The Commission was assured by the Custody Inspector that steps will be taken to facilitate a Doctor’s visit as soon as possible.

The Commission’s investigation continues, which will include a recorded statement from the complainant and a request for the official transcript of the court proceedings to verify the alleged comments.