April 27, 2022 – A team from the Eastern Regional Office of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and began investigations into a police fatal shooting of a man in Cassava Piece on April 26. The deceased has been identified as 24 year old Merchandiser, Kashief Smikle o/c Zino.

It is reported that a team of police officers were on foot patrol in the Cassava Piece area when it is alleged that a group of three men fired in the direction of the officers and the lawmen, who were now in pursuit, fired their weapons at the men.  Mr. Smikle was seen with gunshot injuries and transported to Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. A 9mm browning single action pistol, with serial number, was reported as recovered from the deceased. This recovered firearm as well as the hands of the deceased were swabbed for DNA testing.

Residents have disputed the accounts of the law enforcement officers, alleging that the fatal shooting of Mr. Smikle was carried out in circumstances which were unjustified.  The Commission’s enquiries into this incident are ongoing and will seek to identify the circumstances which resulted in the fatality and to determine if the use of force by the lawmen, was in accordance with the applicable Use of Force policies.

INDECOM processed the incident scene, to include the collection of forensic exhibits and the eight firearms of the concerned officers. All firearms were boxed and sealed for submission to the Forensics Lab for ballistics testing. Initial accounts were provided by the lawmen and witness canvassing was also conducted by the Investigative team. The police officers involved in this incident will be required to provide statements and attend the officers of the Commission for interviews.

INDECOM’s Family Liaison Officer will meet with the family members of Mr. Smikle for empathetic contact and to arrange grief counselling where necessary.

Any information that will assist the Commission in this investigation is required. Witnesses are therefore reminded to contact the Commission’s Head Office or send information via whatsapp to (876)553-5555.