May 27, 2022 – A team from the Independent Commission of Investigations’ (INDECOM’s) Central Regional Office responded to and began investigations into a double fatal shooting incident of two men in Bucks Common Clarendon on May 26. The deceased men have been identified as Rosean Brown and Ryan Murray.

The police have reported that a team of officers were on surveillance patrol in the community when they were allegedly fired at, initially by one man and subsequently by a group who appeared. Following the exchange of gunfire, two men were seen with gunshot injuries, assisted to the hospital and later pronounced dead. All five concerned officers of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), provided initial accounts to INDECOM Investigators and were served section 21 Notices, to submit statements and attend interviews in relation to this incident. The service weapons of these concerned officers, were collected for processing and sealed.

Two 9mm firearms were reported as recovered from the incident, a Glock pistol with the serial number erased and a Carandai pistol with serial number. The hands of both deceased men were tested for gunshot residue, prior to photographing and sealing of their bodies for storage pending post mortem examination.

All firearms will be transported to the Government Forensic Laboratory for testing.

INDECOM is appealing to all persons who witnessed or may have any information in relation to this incident, to contact the Commission’s Head Office or share any details via whatsapp at (876) 553-5555.

This incident is the second double fatal shooting incident for the month of May, and brings the total to six persons killed by the Security Forces for this month. The year to date total of persons fatally shot by the Security Forces is 46.