July 6, 2020 – Investigators from The Independent Commission of Investigations’ (INDECOM) Eastern Regional Office attended the scene and began investigations into the shooting injury of a child, which involved the licensed firearm of a police officer. The child is a nine year old boy, and sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He remains in hospital, undergoing treatment.

It is reported that the boy was at home, came into contact with his Uncle’s (a police officer) weapon which discharged and caused injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday, July 4 at approximately 3:30pm and was reported to the Commission on Sunday, July 5. Members of the Security Forces are reminded that they are required to make a report to the Commission forthwith, where the incident involves conduct that resulted in the death or injury to any person.

The Commission’s enquiry will seek to determine the late notification to the Commission regarding the incident, weapon handling and safekeeping, and all actions taken which resulted in the injury to the child.

The Commission appeals to persons who may have witnessed the incident to contact our offices and provide any information that they may have. Persons with information about this incident are being asked to call INDECOM at (876) 968-8875, (876) 968-1932 or message us on whatsapp at 876-553-5555.