May 21, 2021 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and began investigations into two separate shooting incidents by the Security Forces in the Corporate Area on May 20, 2021. Two men were fatally shot and two persons (a toddler and a woman) were injured.  These fatalities are the 11th and 12th persons shot and killed and 8th and 9th injured persons, this month by members of the Security Forces.

    1. Fatal Shooting of Tyrese Haye – Cambridge Street, Franklyn Town, Kingston 16

The police have reported that at approximately 4:10pm, three officers were on foot patrol in the community. During the patrol, a group of men allegedly ran upon seeing the police. One of the men was accosted and during a tussle, it is reported, that he pulled a firearm, resulting in an officer shooting the man. The injured man was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The deceased was identified as 19 year old, Tyrese Haye o/c “Lesa”.

A silver and black 9mm Ruger pistol, with a serial number, was reported as retrieved at the incident scene.

Residents of the community expressed grave concerns about the sequence of events resulting in the death and report witnessing a quite different version. INDECOM’s investigation will seek to determine the accuracy of the contending accounts.

    1. Fatal Shooting of unidentified male; shooting injuries of toddler and woman – Denham Town

It has been reported that three members of the JDF who were at a checkpoint at the intersection of Beeston and Oxford Streets, were fired at by the pillion rider on a motorcycle. The pillion rider continued to fire at the military personnel who returned gunfire in the direction of the fleeing motorcycle. Three persons were shot as a result of this shooting exchange, and taken to the hospital by residents.  The driver of the motorcycle fled the scene. The male pillion rider succumbed to injuries sustained; he remains unidentified. A male toddler (twenty two months old) sustained gunshot injuries to both legs, and remains in stable condition; while a 63 year old woman was treated for a gunshot wound to her left leg.

No firearm was reported as recovered from the scene.

INDECOM’s Forensic Team alongside officers from JCF Scenes of Crime processed the two incident scenes. The weapons of the concerned officers as well as the recovered firearm were seized, photographed, boxed and sealed for testing at the Government Forensic Laboratory. All concerned officers were served Section 21 notices to furnish statements and attend the offices of INDECOM to be interviewed next week.

Persons with information regarding any of these two incidents are asked to contact INDECOM’s Head Office at (876) 968-8875, (876) 968-1932 or send information via whatsapp at 876-553-5555, to assist in the ongoing investigations.