November 3, 2017 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating the fatal shooting of 23 year old, pig farmer, Michael Jacobs in the vicinity of Unity Avenue and Fairview Terrace in Kingston, yesterday (November 2).

The report, received by INDECOM from the police, is that JCF officers were on mobile patrol in Waterhouse when they stopped to search four men who were acting suspiciously. During the search there was an exchange of gunfire, and three persons were injured (including an officer). Mr. Jacobs later succumbed to those injuries.

The police have reported that one firearm was recovered at the scene.

The INDECOM team has processed the scene, the body of the deceased and continue to make enquiries. The concerned officers gave an initial account and were served with Notices to attend the INDECOM office for their account of the incident to be recorded.

The Commission is asking anyone who may have witnessed these incidents to call 1.876.968.8875,1.876.968.1932 or call our mobile number at 1.876.878.0167. Persons are also encouraged to call our Toll Free Lines: 1.888.991.5555 (flow) or 1.888.935.5550 (digicel).