April 7, 2022 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is concerned about a media article, published on April 6, 2022, which reported that a student athlete was shot and injured by a police officer in March 2022.

This article raised a concern since INDECOM was not informed of any such police shooting incident.

Preliminary enquiries were conducted by the Commission, with a view to assess the accuracy of the information as reported. The Commission was informed by the family of the student athlete, that the information (as published) was misrepresented and unfounded with regard to police culpability. The Commission was advised that the police assisted the young man to the hospital and investigated the matter. In accordance with the information provided, the JCF were not involved in the shooting incident, which was committed by persons unknown.

INDECOM hopes that the necessary remedies will be taken to ensure that the facts of this incident are accurately presented to the public.