August 10, 2017 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating a shooting injury of a male, on Riverside Drive in Kingston, this morning.

The report, received by INDECOM from the police, is that JCF officers were on patrol, and allegedly came under gunfire upon chasing men onto Riverside Drive. The gunfire was returned and an injury was sustained to the leg of a man who was found in a residence. A Taurus pistol was reportedly recovered from the scene.

INDECOM notes with concern that this shooting incident involves one officer for whom a warrant for the charge of murder has been prepared, in respect of a shooting in May 2016. The execution of the warrant for arrest and charge has been delayed as he is seeking Judicial Review. In the matter for which the officer is charged, the JCF High Command was informed of the fact that the killing was suspicious and a likelihood of a charge being preferred.

INDECOM has repeatedly reminded the JCF that it is inappropriate to have an officer on front line duty who is suspected of or will be charged for a criminal offence. This morning’s incident is the second shooting, the first of which was a double fatal shooting incident in February 2017.

The Commission considers it is incongruous that in such circumstances any officer should be engaged on operational street duties with such arrest warrants in existence.