May 3, 2018 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating the shooting injury of a woman in the vicinity of Sovereign Centre, off Barbican Road, this morning, and is appealing for witnesses to assist by providing information.

At approximately 8:30AM, there was an altercation between an off-duty Corporal and a man who was attempting to wipe the windshield of the officer’s vehicle. During the exchange the concerned officer discharged his Keep and Care firearm which resulted in the injury to the woman.

It is understood that the injured lady was assisted to the hospital by a Doctor on the scene. She is currently being treated for injuries to her abdomen and leg.

INDECOM has taken an initial statement from the concerned officer, and our Investigative Team is processing the scene and vehicle of the injured lady, obtaining CCTV footage and canvassing for additional witnesses.

Persons can visit or make contact with the Head Office at 968-1932, or call our mobile number 1-876-878-0167. Persons are also encouraged to call our Toll Free Incident and Tip Lines: 1-888-935 -5550 (D) or 1-888-991-5555 (F).