June 13, 2017

  1. The Office of the Commissioner of INDECOM established a Complaints and Grievance Policy Respecting External Complaints in April 2016.
  2. The policy guides the handling of external grievances against the Commission by the general public, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Defence Force and the Department of Correctional Services.
  3. A formal letter of introduction and a hard copy of the policy were sent to the Agents of the State for which INDECOM provides oversight:

          Jamaica Constabulary Force (receipt May 30 2016)

  • Dr. Carl Williams, CD, JP – Former Commissioner of Police
  • Sergeant Raymond Wilson – Chairman, Jamaica Police Federation
  • DSP Catherine Lord – Chairman, Police Officers’ Association

          Jamaica Defence Force (receipt May 31, 2016)

  • Major General Antony Anderson, CD, JP – Former Chief of Defence Staff
  • Lt. Col. Patrick Cole – Attorney at Law

          Department of Correctional Services (receipt May 30 2016)

  • Mrs. Ina Hunter Fairweather – Commissioner of Corrections
  • Cpl. Arlington Turner – Chairman, Department of Correctional Services Federation
  1. The Complaints and Grievance Policy Respecting External Complaints is accessible to the public from the Commission’s website: Complaints and Grievance Policy
  2. The committee established to assess complaints is chaired by Retired Justice Mrs. Marjorie Cole-Smith, a person that is not in the Commission’s full-time employ, as per S.6 subsection 4 of the Policy.
  3. Since establishment, the committee has not received a complaint to be assessed.
  4. INDECOM received a letter from the Office of the Commissioner of Police in September 2016, for an incident which allegedly occurred in June 2016. The infraction was deemed as Conduct Perceived to be Impolite, S.3 (a) of the Complaints and Grievance Policy Respecting External Complaints. The complainant was advised by way of the Office of the Commissioner of Police to complete an External Complaints Form, which was never done. The investigation into the alleged incident did not commence.
  5. The report, dated October 2015, of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on the review of the Independent Commission of Investigations Act, Specific Recommendations – Governance Structure states:

In your Committee’s deliberations it was noted that INDECOM is a body which exercises significant investigative and prosecutorial powers with respect to the Security Forces, and based on our recommendations its prosecutorial powers are to be further underpinned. With such extensive powers being vested in this organization by statute, the issue if adequate checks and balances arises. In order to provide INDECOM with an internal governance structure that will provide the necessary checks and balances, your Committee recommends the establishment of a non-executive Board within the structure of INDECOM. This Board would provide oversight on internal governance matters affecting the organization, including input on policies with respect to human resources, public relations, budgeting et cetera. The day-to-day operation of the organization would remain the purview of management, headed by the Commissioner of INDECOM. The establishment of such Boards is a well established governance mechanism for ensuring internal accountability and oversight of the management of organizations, and hence our recommendation in this regard.

  1. The Non-executive Board recommended by the Joint Select Committee was with regard to Corporate Services and not Operations.
  2. Where Commission’s Reports make recommendations for Disciplinary Action of Agents of the State, those specific actions are handled internally by the Departments and not INDECOM.
  3. The Jamaica Constabulary Force through the Inspectorate of Constabulary also launches investigations into members of their agency.