August 18, 2017 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) wishes to clarify a media report which purports that INDECOM’S request for an earlier date of the Judicial Review was rejected.

On July 20, 2017 INDECOM filed two applications; one was to bring forward the applications for leave for judicial review which were filed by the various officers to be charged and the other, was for these leave applications to be heard together. The applications for leave were originally set for November 8, 2017, save and except the leave application by two officers which were adjourned pending the Court of Appeal ruling.

On Wednesday of this week (August 16, 2017), INDECOM submitted to the learned judge, that the leave applications needed to be heard soon. The learned judge noted that Judicial Review applications should be heard as soon as possible. Queen’s counsel, Mrs. Valeria Neita-Robertson who appeared on behalf of Ms. Althea Grant (counsel to the officers), indicated that they were not objecting to our applications to bring the matters forward and for them to be heard together.

Ms. Grant (who joined via telephone) indicated that she is unavailable for the entire month of September. Ms. Grant proposed three dates in late October which were unavailable to the court. The court proposed early October but Ms. Grant indicated that she was again unavailable. As it is Ms. Grant’s application for leave, the court was reluctant to set a date on which counsel would be unavailable.

INDECOM was successful in the request for the leave applications to be heard together. This will be done on November 8-9, 2017, which are the earliest available dates for the counsel to the officers.