• INDECOM is required by law to investigate all use of force cases which involve allegations against members of the security forces and Agents of the State. INDECOM must do their due diligence and maintain independence in the investigation of all cases. INDECOM cannot prejudge that the use of force was justified.

  • Upon the completion of the Commission’s investigation and report, any of the following recommendations can be made:

    • No remit
    • Closed on initial investigation
    • Mediation
    • Withdrawal
    • No criminal charge or disciplinary action
    • Disciplinary action
    • Charge
  • INDECOM does not disarm any member of the police force. Police Officers are disarmed by their own colleagues at a Police Station, never in a public space.

    Guidelines on the disarming, labelling and storage of firearms and weapons were agreed upon by INDECOM and the JCF High Command. These guidelines were issued in the JCF Force Orders of June 26, 2014 (Serial Number 3499):

    “any firearm or weapon suspected to have been used during an incident shall be confiscated by the said senior responding officer or Investigator. Such confiscation shall be done:

                 i. At a safe location away from the incident scene at the earliest opportunity.”