• Only cases which are subject to a person being charged, will there be a possibility of future court attendance.

  • Persons who would like to make a complaint or give information regarding an incident, can use of the following methods:

    1.Complete the online form

    Report a complaint/incident

    2. Call the toll free incident and tip lines

    • Digicel: 1-888-935-5550
    • FLOW: 1-888-991-5555

    3.Call the INDECOM cellular number

    • 1-876-878-0167

    4. Visit or call an INDECOM office

    • Kingston & St. Andrew

    1 Dumfries Road

    Kingston 10

    968-1932/ 968-8875

    • Manchester

    1A Brumalia Road

    Unit 10, Cobblestone Professional Centre

    Mandeville, Manchester

    961-1542/ 961-4171

    • St. James

    Praise Concourse Plaza

    18 Queens Drive,

    Montego Bay, St. James


    5. Send an email

  • No

  • There is a limitation period upon which a complaint may not be acted upon by the Commission, unless it is made not later than 12 months from the day in which the complainant had notice of the conduct alleged.