Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Chief Crime Scene Examiner and Forensic Examiners, the incumbent is required to carry out detailed and comprehensive investigations into complaints against the Security Forces and other Agents of the State. The incumbent shall assist the Forensic Examiners at incident scenes using various types of equipment, and collect, develop, secure, preserve, package and transport physical evidence. He/she also prepares detailed reports on the observations and activities at the scene as well as investigations.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Assisting with surveying and securing of crime scenes, providing specific areas for spectators and work areas for Investigators;
  • Taking accurate measurements of the crime scenes to be noted on sketches;
  • Processing film or digital images and maintaining photographic equipment;
  • Working and cooperating with victims and witnesses;
  • Writing detailed reports;
  • Maintaining systems for processing, indexing and tracking investigative information;
  • Attending post mortems and taking notes;
  • Taking photographs and video images as necessary at incident scenes;
  • Assisting with collecting and preserving varied types of evidence.

 Minimum Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Undergraduate Degree in Forensic Science, Chemistry or Biochemistry;
  • Certification in Investigative Methods from an Accredited Institution or the Police Force and;
  • Two (2) years related working experience.

 Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent analytical and judgmental skills;
  • Good investigative skills including use of third party contacts;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Good communication skills: verbal, written and non-verbal;
  • Knowledge, skills and techniques in investigations, and report writing gained from prior formal and informal training and on-the-job experience;
  • Ability to readily identify inconsistencies and other indicators.

Applications accompanied by resumés should be submitted no later than Friday, September 6, 2019 to:

Thank you for your interest; however, only short listed applicants will be contacted.