Getting in touch with INDECOM, couldn’t be easier! Members of the public have six main ways to contact us. The options are giving us a call, visiting an INDECOM office, sending an email, messaging via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or through our website.

Via phone

Recognising that many persons are mobile users, and may not have a landline, INDECOM has toll free numbers with both telecoms providers as well as a cellular number. These are 24/7 contact numbers.

Toll-free Incident Tip Line

1-888-991-5555 (F)

1-888-935-5550 (D)


Visit an INDECOM office

Currently INDECOM has three main offices and a satellite office, to accommodate complaints and scene response across the island.

Head Office

Central Office

Western Office

Satellite Office

1 Dumfries Road

New Kingston

Kingston 10

Cobblestone Professional Centre

Unit 10, 1 Brumalia Road,

Mandeville, Manchester

Praiseconcourse Plaza

18 Queens Drive,

Montego Bay, St. James

Coke Methodist Church

Morant Bay, St. Thomas


9:00AM – 3:30 PM



9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


9:00AM–3:30 PM



9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


9:00AM–3:30 PM



9:00 AM – 2:00 PM




Fridays only

9:30 AM – 2:30 PM








Send us an email

It could be that you require help with research, want to report an incident or make a complaint, or would like to send an invitation to INDECOM to conduct awareness sessions in your community. If you have access to an email account, our main email address is a viable option. This email account is checked daily so need to worry about it getting lost.

Find us on social media

Hello social butterflies! INDECOM has a facebook and twitter account, be sure to follow us, like, share, retweet and comment on the posts. If you don’t want to publicly engage us and share the information, send us a direct message and we can chat there.




 Visit our website

We recently launched our new website, it has a lot of information – you should definitely check it out! Blogs, feature articles, our reports, case judgments – we really aimed to make it a hub for all things INDECOM content.

It also gives users the option of reporting an incident online or sending a message from the contact us page.

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